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Helping Women to Get Direction in the Critical Areas of Career, Parenting, and Relationship

Welcome to iCoachology!

iCoachology masterfully combines the art of astrology with the strategy of coaching for your personal career, life, and relationship, healing, empowerment and transformation.

I am Alison Miller, a pioneer in the field of iCoachology, certified coach, and professional astrologer, partnered alongside my husband, Nate Newcomer, professional astrologer and philosophy counselor. Together we have formed a practice designed to practically and creatively support your mental, emotional, and spiritual endeavors.

In single sessions and ongoing coaching, we offer you insight into the journey of your Soul, and the Nature of your True Self. We provide perspective on how to align with those sources in order to do what you came here to do. Our intention is to bring you into a state of clarity about your life, direction, and purpose.

iCoachology is dedicated to individuals seeking to heal in order to become whole, and to those who desire more self-awareness on their journeys through life, relationships, and career.

iCoachology promotes self-understanding leading to personal empowerment, healing, and wisdom, and supports the Soul’s unique path toward evolution and advancement.

The purpose of iCoachology is to offer strategies that enliven, flourish, and transform your life in positive ways in the areas of career, life, and relationship.

Let us be your strategic support in mastering you life’s path.


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